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Re: starship-design: No comments


>I didn't think we discussed monopoles in private, just DST's (which I'm
>leery to test, due to the X-rays. Maybe if I did it from a distance I
>would be safe?

Certainly saver, X-rays are tricky, there is no way to be sure unless you
have a measurement tool or shield the source with something like leadplates.

>I'll send my design diagrams to everyone on SSD as soon as I can. I
>assure you, I'll send them at latest, by tommorow.

Well, if you can create a clear "data-sheet" in such a short time, that's
fine. However if you need more time, I'd rather see you take that time
instead of showing us something that is not finished.
>>Furthermore, you should have responded to my possible explanation for your
>>measured effect.
>I thought it was self-answerable: I placed the compass near the device,
>and the needle reversed direction, with the north end pointing towards
>the device. If I placed the compass on the other side, it reversed
>again, the same way. I tried with angles, circling the device, on
>top,underneath, and nowhere did the south end stay towards the device.
>Maybe even if its not a monopole, it might still have a useful purpose.

OK, more concrete, I'd have expected that you ensured me that you took
special care not to miss even small parts of the surface.
Even now mentioning "circling the device" helps me reassure that you did
more than a few unconnected measurements.
I'm interested though how you measured on top and underneath. Did you rotate
the device so that you could measure once again in the horizontal plane, or
do you have a 3 dimensional compass?

>> And when I think back to the private mailing, you weren't really bothered by
>> the fact, that the effect you wanted to measure was not clearly measurable
>> the way you did.
>Afraid I don't understand what you mean...

Well, you wanted to measure antigravity while using a device that created a
magnetic field also. If I understood correctly you were not able to know
what part of the force was caused by magnetivity and what part by gravity.
Your answer to this remark didn't really address the problem, and made me
believe that you wanted to continue regardless.