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starship-design: X-rays and voltage

kyle writes:
 > Hello Timothy and SSD group:
 > I have a question:
 > Will 200,000 VDC with a current of 1000 microamperes produce
 > dangerous/deadly radiation?

Depends on how you use it.  That's only 200 watts, but it could produce
a pretty good X-ray or microwave flux.  Or if you create ultraviolet you
could give yourself a sunburn.

Or it could give you a nasty shock.  Although Ohm's law says that you're
pumping this into a 200 megohm device, which is a pretty high resistance.

 > If anyone knows how much, please tell me.
 > Also if anyone knows how much shielding will be necessary, or how far
 > away to be, that would be helpful. 
 > Will quick termination of voltage be dangerous?

Again, it all depends on exactly what you're doing.  There's no way to
answer the question without knowing what you're putting the electricity

 > Why is the general thought: Kyle's building a doomsday weapon? I'm not
 > _trying_ to.

Kids, don't try this at home :-)