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Re: starship-design: I'm a new member

In a message dated 7/17/97 12:49:29 AM, jimaclem@juno.com wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>	I'm a mechanical engineer, and found your web site.  Absolutely
>fascinating!  Will someone please help me get up to speed on whats
>happening.  I love the idea of instellar flight, and am glad to be part
>of a serious discussion.  
>				Thanks.
>				Jim Clem, BSE
>				jimaclem@juno.com

Welcome to the group!  We range from engineers, physics students/researchers,
to anyone with a e-mail account.  After we arghued out the design ideas
illistrated in the site (Hey Dave I just noticed you've been uploading my new
draft stuff onto Sunsite!  Cool!!) we got quite for a while.  (Without any
new technology/physics breakthroughs thats abouit as good as we could think

But at the moment the idea of exotic (semi-unknown) power sources and physics
tricks has been geting a lot of discusion.  Such as Warp drives of zero point
energy.  (The down side is we can realisticly design anything using such
nebulous concepts.

Welcome to the group.

Kelly Starks