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Re: starship-design: Re: Aliens

Antonio C T Rocha wrote:
> Timothy van der Linden wrote:
> Hello again,
>    Conditions under which microbial life has already been found on earth
> - boiling hot, very acidic, very high pressures in the bottom of mines,
> near volcano-shafts, near sulforous vents on the sea floor - possibly
> also exist _somewhere_ on Venus and/or the gas giants. If primitive life
> was indeed seeded from space, and is therefor similar in potential, it
> might be as probable somewhere on Venus' surface as it is on the ocean
> floor on top of a boiling sulfurous volcano-vent on Earth.
>     Gas giants present growing pressures towards their centers, to the
> point where the "gas" possibly liquefies and then solidifies. Conditions
> at some "altitude" might resemble the above sulfurous vents or even the
> surface of Venus itself.
>     Supposing that lifeforms higher than just microbes existed there,
> they might be, as Carl Sagan suggested, baloon-like in the gaseous
> regions, and predators there might tend to be bird-like. Similar logic
> might be applied to the liquid and solid (if any) regions of the gas
> giants.
>     If I had to make a spaceship while living on a gas giant, I would
> try to spin very dense cocoons of polyamide/amine-like material (kevlar,
> teflon, nylon, etc.) that might be "mined" from the surrounding nitrogen
> hydrogen oxygen carbon compounds (that we know of - might be others).

A very good idea. Its light, cheap to make, and durable. 

> Hydrogen or carbohydrates and oxygen would be the fuels of choice. 

But where do you get the oxygen? Maybe electrolyze water? There couldn't
be much free oxygen in a gas giant's atmosphere, since it would react
quickly to the hydrogen, making water.

> If I did have "force-field" or ZPE generators or space-time "bubblifiers", of
> course, it would tend to be easier :-)

Just a note:
ZPE generators are in the expirimental stage, and are showing sucess. As
far as the mention in earlier discussions of ZPE generators depleteing
the STC, I think it falls "back-in-its-slot" after use, with no
degradation/or quick regeneration.

What do you mean by forcefields? Gravity/AntiGravity generators?

What is a "SpaceTime Bublifier"? An Alcubierre type FTL drive? (again,

Kyle Mcallister