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starship-design: FW: SSRT: SSRT related vote expected Tuesday (FWD)

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Subject:	SSRT: SSRT related vote expected Tuesday (FWD)

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>Subject: ALERT: Please Call Congress on Tuesday

*         ProSpace Legislative ACTION Alert       *
*             Alert No. 97-11, 7/11/97            *
*  BIG Congressional space vote expected Tuesday  *
*                                                 *
*      More details on Rohrabacher Amendments     *
*      in support of "Citizens' Space Agenda"     *
*                ACTIONS REQUESTED:               *
*          Call your Member of Congress!          *
*   Distribute to ALL Lists -- Post to ALL Sites  *

     *     To be ADDED to this List, or     *
     *     to be REMOVED from this List     *
     * send a request to ProSpace97@aol.com *

 *             TABLE OF CONTENTS                  *
 *                                                *
 * A) BREAKING NEWS:                              *
 *    - Rep. Tim Roemer promises he will not      *
 *      attack the Space Station                  *
 *    - Vote expected Tuesday Night               *
 *    - Space Station research and Space Shuttle  *
 *      to be protected                           *
 *                                                *
 * B) ACTIONS REQUESTED:                          *
 *    1) Call Your Member of Congress             *
 *    2) Get involved as a "Citizen Leader"       *
 *                                                *
 *       World Wide Web: www.prospace.org         *


<<<< Rep. Tim Roemer promises not to attack Station >>>>

In a continuing sea change in national space policy,
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Chairman of the House
Subcommittee on Space & Aeronautics, has convinced Rep.
Tim Roemer (D-IN) to forego his annual attempt to kill
the Space Station on the floor of the House of
Representatives.  Signaling a change of direction,
Congressman Roemer has decided to join Rohrabacher's
campaign to support "Cheap Access to Space" by amending
the VA/HUD bill on the floor of the House of

<<<< Vote on Floor expected Tuesday Night >>>>

The VA/HUD bill is expected to come to the floor of the
House on late Tuesday. At that time, Chairman Rohrabacher
will propose amendments to the "FY98 VA-HUD-Independent
Agencies Appropriations" bill which contains NASA's
funding.  These amendments will be voted upon by the
entire House of Representatives.

The  VA/HUD bill, as reported out of the Appropriations
Committee, is inconsistent with the policies and funding
priorities established by the "Civilian Space
Authorization Act of 1998 and 1999" (H.R. 1275). Chairman
Rohrabacher's amendments are designed to uphold the
policies priorities of H.R. 1275. The most important
Rohrabacher amendments to the supporters of "Cheap Access
to Space" will be an increase in funding for Reusable
Launch Vehicle research and development.

<<<< Update on Rohrabacher Amendments >>>>

In our last legislative alert (97-10), we reported that
Rohrabacher would propose amendments to:

  a) Cut the unrequested $100 million increase for
     "Russian Program Assurance" for the Space Station;

  b) Use that $100 million to increase funding for
     reusable launch vehicle (RLV) research, initiating
     a follow-on experimental RLV project (Future-X);

  c) Delete the unorthodox "transfer authority" to take
     $150 million from NASA's Science, Aeronautics and
     Technology and/or Mission Support; and

  d) Set aside $50 million within Mission to Planet
     Earth to purchase Earth Science data.

Our sources now report that Rep. Rohrabacher will also
offer amendments to:

  e) Protect the funding for science research on the
     Space Station.

     (Space Station research is now the primary purpose
      of having the Space Station.  This amendment will
      ensure the scientific community is ready to
      conduct breakthrough research after construction
      of the Station is complete.)

  f) Protect funding for the Space Shuttle

     (This amendment will protect the Space Shuttle
      account and support the safety of Shuttle

B) Requests for Action

   <<<< Calling your Member - What to Do >>>>

1) Get their Phone Number

   a) If you know your zip code, but not the name of
      your Member of Congress, go to:


   b) Congressional Operator -- 202-224-3121.  You will
      need the name of your Member to get their number.

2) Make the Call

   a) Be polite.
   b) Tell them who you are; give your home address.
   c) Ask to speak to the staffer who handles NASA;

3) Your Request - What to Ask (short and sweet):

   a) Please support a "Citizens' Space Agenda" to open
      the space frontier to ALL Americans, and vote for
      the amendment(s) that Rohrabacher will propose
      on the House floor for the "VA-HUD-Independent
      Agencies Appropriations" bill; and

   b) Please Co-Sponsor the amendment(s), and/or speak
      in favor of the amendment(s) on the floor during
      the debate.

4) Be Polite & Thank them for their help.

5) An Opportunity to Lead - Ask your Friends to call too!

Forward this email alert to your prospace friends and
colleagues, and ask them to call.  If you are part of a
space group or organization, get them actively involved
(officially or un-officially) as soon as possible.

6) Feedback -- Please Send it in!

If you get any information on the position or intention
of your Member of Congress during the call, whether good
or bad, please send it to "ProSpace97@aol.com".  Knowing
the thoughts of your Member of Congress could be critical
to not only this fight, but also to future campaigns.


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                - Alfred D'Souza

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