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starship-design: FW: SSRT: Funding for new SSTO X-vehicle missing (fwd)

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Subject: ALERT: Help Needed to correct Congressional Mistake!

*         ProSpace Legislative ACTION Alert          *
*              Alert No. 97-9, 7/7/97                *
*  Flawed NASA Spending Bill to be Marked up Tuesday *
*     "Citizen Action Needed to Correct Mistakes"    *
*    Distribute to ALL Lists -- Post to ALL Sites    *

      *     To be ADDED to this List, or     *
      *     to be REMOVED from this List     *
      * send a request to SpFrontier@aol.com *

  *             TABLE OF CONTENTS                *
  *                                              *
  * A) House HUD/VA Appropriations Subcommittee  *
  *    makes big policy mistakes.                *

  *                                              *
  * B) Actions Needed:                           *
  *    -> Call Your Member of Congress (Monday)  *
  *    -> Call/Fax Member(s) of Appropriations   *
  *       Committee                              *
  *                                              *
  *       World Wide Web: www.prospace.org       *

A) House HUD/VA Subcommittee makes Mistakes

Late last month, in very quiet action, the House
Appropriations Subcommittee on VA, HUD and Independent
Agencies marked up its spending bill and sent it to the
full Appropriations Committee for consideration on
Tuesday.  The House VA/HUD Appropriations Subcommittee
has taken several controversial actions, which in the
opinion of ProSpace President Charles Miller "are
major space policy blunders."

According to Miller, "Subcommittee Chairman Jerry Lewis
(R, CA) totally disregarded the policy guidance of the
full Science Committee in at least 2 areas.

First, Science Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner
has held several hearings about, and is in the news
every other week expressing his concerns about the
Russian's ability to keep their commitments to this
country.  He has personally gone over to Russia to make
his views perfectly clear.  Yet, HUD/VA has decided to
REWARD Russia's failure with a $100 Million pay-off.

Second, the Commercial Space Authorization Act of 1998
and 1999 (H.R. 1275), which was approved by the full
House, specifically authorized at least $300 Million in
FY 1998 funding for a new SSTO RLV X-vehicle.  This was
clearly established as the top priority for new spending
-- yet the HUD/VA Subcommittee gave it nothing.

Miller continued, "This HUD/VA bill contains zero vision
for America's future.  It is driven by bureaucratic
inertia, and serves only bureaucracy.  A Democratic
President promised an end to the "Era of Big Government
but at least one Republican leader in Congress seems
to like the status quo.

Miller concluded, "Just a few months ago, we briefed
220 Members of Congress on a'Citizens Space Agenda.'
98% of the Members of Congress were extremely interested
in what we had to say, but clearly at least one important
Member did not listen to anything we said."

"I am disappointed, but the American people are not going
away.  We are going to "open the space frontier for ALL
Americans.  The future -- the life we will live in the 21st
Century -- is at stake right now.  The American public's
voice will be heard."

B) CALL TO ACTION -- Call Congress Now!

The full Appropriations Committee is meeting on Tuesday
to review the HUD/VA bill.  We need Americans to call
as many Members of the Committee as possible on Monday
(and ask your friends to call too!)

               **** What to Do ****

1) Call or FAX one (or more) Members from the list below
   of Members on the Appropriations Committee.

   Look first for a Member of Congress from your home
   state.  There are Members from 32 states on the
   Committee, so you have a good chance.  The Members
   are sorted by State.

   If you send a Fax, keep it short and to the point. You
   want them to read it immediately.

2) Politely ask for the Staffer responsible for
   Appropriations.  (If you get their voice-mail, good.
   Leave a detailed message.)

3) POLITELY deliver the following message:

  *  You feel that the NASA portion of the HUD/VA bill
     rewards bureaucracy and big government instead of
     funding the space priorities of the American people.

  * "The most important new spending priority for space
     is "Future-X!  This program could help open the
     space frontier for millions of Americans, and save
     billions of dollars for the American taxpayer."

  * "Future-X" was authorized for over $300 Million in
     FY 1998 within H.R. 1275, the Civilian Space
     Authorization Act of 1998 and 1999, but HUD/VA bill
     contains no funding for it."

  * "Please add $300 Million for "Future-X" during the
     markup on Tuesday."

  *  Keep it short and thank them for their time.

4) Call your own Member of Congress:

   a) Call your own Member.  (Call 202-224-3121 to get
      phone number from the Congressional Operator)

   b) Identify yourself as a constituent, and ask for
      the staffer responsible for space.  (If you
      get their voice-mail, leave a detailed message.)

   c) Be ready to give your home address to identify
      yourself as a constituent.

   d) Explain the situation (above) to the space staffer.

   e) Politely tell the staffer that you would like your
      Congressional Representative to support a
      "Citizens Space Agenda."

      Specifically ask for a call Rep. Bob Livingston
      (R, LA) or Rep. David Obey (D, WI) -- the Chairman
      and Senior Minority Member of the Appropriations
      Committee, to request an increase of $300 Million
      for "Future-X."

   e) Unless the staffer has questions, thank the staffer
      for his or her time, and sign off.

                                      Contact Information
                          for the
               House Appropriations Committee

Appropriations, Chairman            PHONE          FAX
  Livingston, Robert (R, LA)     202-225-3015  202-225-0739
Appropriations, Ranking Minority Member)
  Obey, David (D, WI)            202-225-3365  202-225-0561
  Aderholt, Robert (R, AL)       202-225-4876  202-225-5587
  Callahan, Sonny (R, AL)        202-225-4931  202-225-0562
  Dickey, Jay (R, AR)            202-225-3772  202-225-8646
  Kolbe, James T. (R, AZ)        202-225-2542  202-225-0378
  Pastor, Ed (D, AZ)             202-225-4065  202-225-1655
  Lewis, Jerry (R, CA)           202-225-5861  202-225-6498
  Torres, Esteban (D, CA)        202-225-5256  202-225-9711
  Pelosi, Nancy (D, CA)          202-225-4965  202-225-8259
  Fazio, Vic (D, CA)             202-225-5716  202-225-0354
  Dixon, Julian C. (D, CA)       202-225-7084  202-225-4091
  Packard, Ronald (R, CA)        202-225-3906  202-225-0134
  Randy Cunningham (R, CA)       202-225-5452  202-225-2558
  David E. Skaggs (D, CO)        202-225-2161  202-225-9127
  DeLauro, Rosa (D, CT)          202-225-3661  202-225-4890
  Miller, Dan (R, FL)            202-225-5015  202-226-0828
  Young, C. W. Bill (R, FL)      202-225-5961  202-225-9764
  Meek, Carrie P. (D, FL)        202-225-4506  202-226-0777
  Kingston, Jack (R, GA)         202-225-5831  202-226-2269
  Latham, Tom (R, IA)            202-225-5476  202-225-3301
  Yates, Sidney R. (D, IL)       202-225-2111  202-225-3493
  Porter, John E. (R, IL)        202-225-4835  202-225-0157
  Visclosky, Peter J. (D, IN)    202-225-2461  202-225-2493
  Tiahrt, Todd (R, KS)           202-225-6216  202-225-3489
  Rogers, Harold (R, KY)         202-225-4601  202-225-0940
  Northup, Anne (R, KY)          202-225-5401  202-225-5776
  Olver, John (D, MA)            202-225-5335  202-225-1224
  Hoyer, Steny H. (D, MD)        202-225-4131  202-225-4300
  Knollenberg, Joe (R, MI)       202-225-5802  202-226-2356
  Sabo, Martin Olav (D, MN)      202-225-4755  202-225-4886
  Wicker, Roger (R, MS)          202-225-4306  202-225-4328
  Parker, Mike (R, MS)           202-225-5865  202-225-5886
  Taylor, Charles Hart (R, NC)   202-225-6401  202-251-0794
  Hefner, Bill (D, NC)           202-225-3715  202-225-4036
  Price, David (D, NC)           202-225-4511  202-225-2237
  Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R, NJ)  202-225-5034  202-225-0658
  Skeen, Joseph (R, NM)          202-225-2365  202-225-9599
  Lowey, Nita M. (D, NY)         202-225-6506  202-225-0546
  Forbes, Michael (R, NY)        202-225-3826  202-225-0776
  Walsh, James T. (R, NY)        202-225-3701  202-225-4042
  Serrano, Jose (D, NY)          202-225-4361  202-225-6001
  Stokes, Louis (D, OH)          202-225-7032  202-225-1339
  Kaptur, Marcy (D, OH)          202-225-4146  202-225-7711
  Regula, Ralph (R, OH)          202-225-3876  202-225-3059
  Hobson, David L. (R, OH)       202-225-4324  202-225-1984
  Istook, Ernest Jim (R, OK)     202-225-2132  202-226-1463
  Murtha, John P. (D, PA)        202-225-2065  202-225-5709
  McDade, Joseph M. (R, PA)      202-225-3731  202-225-9594
  Foglietta, Thomas M. (D, PA)   202-225-4731  202-225-0088
  Wamp, Zach (R, TN)             202-225-3271  202-225-3494
  Bonilla, Henry (R, TX)         202-225-4511  202-225-2237
  DeLay, Thomas (R, TX)          202-225-5951  202-225-5241
  Edwards, Chet (D TX)           202-225-6105  202-225-0350
  Wolf, Frank R. (R, VA)         202-225-5136  202-225-0437
  Moran, James P (D VA)          202-225-0017  202-225-0017
  Nethercutt, George (R, WA)     202-225-2006  202-225-7181
  Dicks, Norman D. (D, WA)       202-225-5916  202-226-1176
  Neumann, Mark (R, WI)          202-225-3031  202-225-3393
  Mollohan, Alan B. (D, WV)      202-225-4172  202-225-7564

                    Destiny is not a matter of chance;
                    it is a matter of choice.
                    It is not a thing to be waited for;
                    it is a thing to be achieved.

                       - William Jennings Bryan

     "Opening the Space Frontier for ALL
       People, and as soon as possible"

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