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starship-design: FW: SSRT: Space Access action alert 7/4/97 (fwd)

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           Space Access Society Political Action Alert  7/4/97

We have multiple critical funding events taking place as soon as
Congress is back in session post-holiday, this coming Tuesday July 8th.

 - The full House Appropriations Committee is marking up the
HUD/VA/Independent Agencies (NASA) appropriation bill.  We'd like to see
$300 million added for "Future X", matching the House NASA Authorization
funding, albeit with slightly different emphasis than the House Auth's
one-project-wins-all wording.  "Future X" is more a range of projects.

 - Both the House and Senate Appropriations Defense subcommittees mark
up their bills.  We'd like to see $75 million for DOD spaceplane
technology work added in both markups.

 - The Senate Defense Authorization goes to the floor for debate and
amendment by the full Senate.  We'd like to see the $10 million
authorized for military spaceplane work increased to $75 million, to get
this work off to a fast start.

                              News Summary

The X-33 emergency "tiger team" program review's results are coming out.
In short, NASA and Lockheed-Martin have finally admitted X-33 has
serious problems, and are moving to fix them.  5,000 lbs of weight
reductions that don't reduce program scope have been identified,
aerodynamic problems continue to be worked, widely scattered project
management is being concentrated at Skunk Works in Palmdale, and there
are strong indications that Lockheed-Martin is prepared to eat the
expected cost overruns.  We're cautiously optimistic that something
useful might fly after all, and that NASA RLV is (expensively) learning
what not to do with future space X-vehicles.

The House DOD Authorization committee markup added $16.2 million for
preliminary "spaceplane" tech work, while the Senate added $10 million.
It's a good start - our thanks to everyone who helped bring it about.

Space Frontier Foundation is running a NASA sponsored "Cheap Access"
symposium at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill (400 New Jersey Ave NW in
Washington DC, $79/night summer rate available) Monday July 21st and
Tuesday July 22nd.  Admission is free, NASA's paying the expenses.  This
looks like being heavily weighted towards major aerospace and DC
insiders; cheap access activists who can attend will leaven the mix.
We'll be on a Tuesday afternoon panel.  Info and online registration at

And it's Space Access Society's fifth anniversary; we were founded on
July 4th 1992.  We've made considerable progress since then - less than
we'd hoped but more than we'd feared.  Here's hoping that five years
from now we'll be flying rockets, not arguing about them!

                              Alert Details

This alert is for everybody - if you don't have a Representative on the
House Appropriations Committee or a Represenatative or Senator on the
House or Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittees, you do have two
Senators who could if they wish intervene in the Senate Defense
Authorization floor action.  It may be a long shot, but if you don't
ask, they definitely won't help.  Yours might just be the one message
that by luck and persuasiveness convinces one Senator to take action.

Call or fax - time is too short for paper mail, unless you pay for
overnight delivery Monday.  If you call, ask to speak to the LA
(legislative assistant) for NASA or for DOD R&D, as appropriate.
Chances are you'll get their voicemail.  Voicemail or in person,
identify yourself as a constituent (Hi, I'm Joe Smith from Sheboygan),
make your pitch briefly (ask them to support $XXm funding for YY), give
them a one-sentence reason why you think its important, thank them for
their time, and ring off.  Unless you get them live and they have
questions; in that case do your best to answer them.

If you fax, keep it short, one page max, and state your main point at
the start, then briefly give supporting points.  And either way, be
polite - one bad impression could waste a lot of good impressions.

                     House Appropriations Committee
 (call or fax and ask support for $300m NASA "future X" funding in the
  NASA Appropriations markup)
 (* means defense subcommittee, also call or fax and ask support for
  $75m DOD spaceplane technology funding in USAF PE 63401F in the
  Defense Appropriations markup.)

(Appropriations Chair)                    voice       fax
 *Livingston, Robert (R-01 LA)       1-202-225-3015 1-202-225-0739
(Appropriations Ranking Minority Member)
 *Obey, David R. (D-07)              1-202-225-3365 1-202-225-0561
(NatSec Subcommittee Chair)
 *Young, C. W. Bill (R-10 FL)        1-202-225-5961 1-202-225-9764
(NatSecSubcommittee RMM)
 *Murtha, John P. (D-12 PA)          1-202-225-2065 1-202-225-5709
  Robert Aderholt (R AL)
  Callahan, Sonny (R-01 AL)          1-202-225-4931 1-202-225-0562
  Dickey, Jay (R-04 AR)              1-202-225-3772 1-202-225-8646
  Kolbe, James T. (R-05 AZ)          1-202-225-2542 1-202-225-0378
  Ed Pastor (D AZ)
 *Lewis, Jerry (R-40 CA)             1-202-225-5861 1-202-225-6498
  Torres, Esteban E. (D-34 CA)       1-202-225-5256 1-202-225-9711
  Pelosi, Nancy (D-08 CA)            1-202-225-4965 1-202-225-8259
  Fazio, Vic (D-03 CA)               1-202-225-5716 1-202-225-0354
 *Dixon, Julian C. (D-32 CA)         1-202-225-7084 1-202-225-4091
  Packard, Ronald (R-48 CA)          1-202-225-3906 1-202-225-0134
 *Randy Cunningham (R CA)
  Skaggs, David E. (D-02 CO)         1-202-225-2161 1-202-225-9127
  Rosa DeLaura (D CT)
  Miller, Dan (R-13 FL)              1-202-225-5015 1-202-226-0828
  Carrie P Meek (D FL)
  Kingston, Jack (R-01 GA)           1-202-225-5831 1-202-226-2269
  Tom Latham (R IA)
  Yates, Sidney R. (D-09 IL)         1-202-225-2111 1-202-225-3493
  Porter, John E. (R-10 IL)          1-202-225-4835 1-202-225-0157
 *Visclosky, Peter J. (D-01 IN)      1-202-225-2461 1-202-225-2493
  Todd Tiahrt (R KS)
  Rogers, Harold (R-05 KY)           1-202-225-4601 1-202-225-0940
  Anne Northup (R KY)
  John W Olver (D MA)
  Hoyer, Steny H. (D-05 MD)          1-202-225-4131 1-202-225-4300
  Knollenberg, Joe (R-11 MI)         1-202-225-5802 1-202-226-2356
 *Sabo, Martin Olav (D-05 MN)        1-202-225-4755 1-202-225-4886
  Wicker, Roger (R-01 MS)            1-202-225-4306 1-202-225-4328
  Mike Parker (R MS)
  Taylor, Charles Hart (R-11 NC)     1-202-225-6401 1-202-251-0794
 *Hefner, Bill (D-08 NC)             1-202-225-3715 1-202-225-4036
  David E Price (D NC)
  Frelinghuysen, Rodney (R-11 NJ)    1-202-225-5034 1-202-225-0658
 *Skeen, Joseph (R-02 NM)            1-202-225-2365 1-202-225-9599
  Lowey, Nita M. (D-18 NY)           1-202-225-6506 1-202-225-0546
  Forbes, Michael (R-01 NY)          1-202-225-3826 1-202-225-0776
  Walsh, James T. (R-25 NY)          1-202-225-3701 1-202-225-4042
  Jose Serrano (D NY)
  Kaptur, Marcy (D-09 OH)            1-202-225-4146 1-202-225-7711
  Stokes, Louis (D-11 OH)            1-202-225-7032 1-202-225-1339
  Regula, Ralph (R-16 OH)            1-202-225-3876 1-202-225-3059
 *Hobson, David L. (R-07 OH)         1-202-225-4324 1-202-225-1984
 *Istook, Ernest Jim (R-05 OK)       1-202-225-2132 1-202-226-1463
 *McDade, Joseph M. (R-10 PA)        1-202-225-3731 1-202-225-9594
  Foglietta, Thomas M. (D-01 PA)     1-202-225-4731 1-202-225-0088
  Zach Wamp (R TN)
 *Bonilla, Henry (R-23 TX)           1-202-225-4511 1-202-225-2237
  DeLay, Thomas (R-22 TX)            1-202-225-5951 1-202-225-5241
  Chet Edwards (D TX)
  Wolf, Frank R. (R-10 VA)           1-202-225-5136 1-202-225-0437
  James P Moran (D VA)
 *Nethercutt, George (R-05 WA)       1-202-225-2006 1-202-225-7181
 *Dicks, Norman D. (D-06 WA)         1-202-225-5916 1-202-226-1176
  Neumann, Mark (R-01 WI)            1-202-225-3031 1-202-225-3393
  Mollohan, Alan B. (D-01 WV)        1-202-225-4172 1-202-225-7564

Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee (ask for $75m DOD spaceplane
funding in USAF PE 63401F in the Defense Appropriations markup.)

                                          voice       fax
 Sen. Stevens, Ted (R AK)           1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-1044
 (chair, SAC NatSec Sub)

 Sen. Inouye, Daniel (D HI)         1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747
 (Ranking Minority Member, SAC NatSec Sub)

 Sen. Cochran, Thad (R MS)          1-202-224-5054 1-202-224-3576
 Sen. Domenici, Pete V. (R NM)      1-202-224-6621 1-202-224-7371
 Sen. McConnell, Mitch (R KY)       1-202-224-2541 1-202-224-2499
 Sen. Specter, Arlen (R PA)         1-202-224-4254 1-202-224-1893
 Sen. Bond, Christopher (R MO)      1-202-224-5721 1-202-224-8149
 Sen. Shelby, Richard C. (R AL)     1-202-224-5744 1-202-224-3416
 Sen. Hollings, Ernest (D SC)       1-202-224-6121 1-202-224-4293
 Sen. Byrd, Robert (D WV)           1-202-224-3954 1-202-224-4025
 Sen. Leahy, Patrick (D VT)         1-202-224-4242 1-202-224-3595
 Sen. Harkin, Thomas (D IA)         1-202-224-3254 1-202-224-7431
 Sen. Lautenberg, Frank (D NJ)      1-202-224-4744 1-202-224-9707
 Sen. Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R TX)
 Sen. Gregg, Judd (R NH)
 Sen. Bumpers, Dale (D AR)
 Sen. Dorgan, Byron (D ND)

Full Senate (look up your Senators in the phonebook, in the Federal
government section of the "blue pages".  Call the local number and
ask for the DC office number.)  Ask for support for $75m in DOD
spaceplane technology work in USAF PE 63401F in the Defense
Authorization bill.