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Re: starship-design: Truely adventurous

Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> Antonio,
> >>Yes, and since so much effort is involved there may be little room
> for
> >>people that are truely adventurous.
> > (...)
> (...)
> >It seems that the trip would be one long Russian country-year: a long
> >cooped-up pass-the-time-and-try-not-to-strangle-your-wife winter and
> a
> >hectic short hard-working summer.
> You don't have to be truely adventurous to be an excellent scientist
> and
> person. (Unless you mean truely adventurous in thinking.)
> (...)
> Timothy

It is one of my intellectual limitations that : I cannot imagine or
accept an un-adventurous or "un-romantic" scientist.  Meaning, one that
is not inebriated and elevated by the contemplation of knowledge and the
acquisition of knowledge. The "book-keepers of science" should not be
confused with scientists.
Sorry, but that is one of my chared-raw nerves.