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starship-design: Truely adventurous


>>Yes, and since so much effort is involved there may be little room for
>>people that are truely adventurous.
>That is interesting. I have trouble envisioning a bunch of stolid,
>unadventurous humans undertaking to spend decades in space, in a small
>single-minded (or single-goal) community, traveling through unknown
>risks towards other unknown risks.

With "truely adventurous" I meant that they cannot deviate much from the
programme. The programme is setup for scientific discovery, not for
following ones guts.

>It seems that the trip would be one long Russian country-year: a long
>cooped-up pass-the-time-and-try-not-to-strangle-your-wife winter and a
>hectic short hard-working summer.

You don't have to be truely adventurous to be an excellent scientist and
person. (Unless you mean truely adventurous in thinking.)

>What if there are by then the psycho-physiological tools capable of
>ensuring that "mutinousity" is excised from the crew, would this
>capability be used, specially inside a research institution such as LIT?
>The Sponsors choice.

It will be used, just like psychological profiling is used today for a lot
of critical positions.