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RE: starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars?

Timothy and Antonio,

Consider this scenario:

A "sponsor" could be a government, a multi-national corporation or consortium, or it could be a company formed by the colonists, specifically for the purpose of equiping and sending a colony to another system. Something like "The Tau Ceti Development Corporation", or the "Chartered Procyon Expedition". Such groups would most likely be composed of people with common idealogies, interests or backgrounds. After all, what else were the Puritans who sailed to Plymouth if not a private company chartered for the express purpose of establishing a new colony. It is only a matter of scale...

Lee Parker

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Ah, now I understand your (and my) point better; As long as people are
sponsored they will not really be able to be free from authority. But as
soon as other less dependant people start coming in, there may indeed be an
explosion of development.

I have seen the turnips singing
	By a lordly cabbage led;
I have heard a dewdrop clinging
	To the rose that bowed her head;
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	I have touched next Friday week;
I have tasted a cantata
	I have smelt a sausage speak.

Now of old if I had wildly
	Made the claims I do today
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	Have been firmly led away;
Doctors, acting with decision,
	Would have taken me in charge;
Now they call it television --
	And you see, I'm still at large!

-- Lucio in the Manchester Guardian