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RE: starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars?


For crew selection requirements you should probably look to the US submarine 
force for psych requirements. Colonists would be another matter. I doubt most 
"colonists" will be able to meet the same stringent requirements as crew 
members, nor that it would even be desirable for them to.

Lee Parker

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Timothy van der Linden wrote:

Of course, by 2050 psychology and knowledge of
neurology/physiology/genetics might be capable of identifying "mutinous
types" and exclude them from the proj., maybe even inducing "correct"
behaviour in the rest (does humanity change?). This might be in the
sponsors interest to resonably ensure their investment. It would
probably be called something neutral, like "profile typing, selection,
and orientation". Then again, long (two to five year) periods of
hibernation might already be feasible, making it easier to ensure order
without too much mind-bending.

Therefore, selection based on 21st century psych profiles will probably
avert any possibility of a "real" mutiny - unless the sponsor is willing
to take chances.

How are volunteers for service in the Poles chosen? Conditions could be

"I am afraid the knockabout comedy of modern atomic physics is not very 
tender towards our aesthetic ideals. The stately drama of stellar evolution 
turns out to be more like the hair-breadth escapades in the films. The 
music of the spheres has a painful suggestion of -- jazz." 

-- Arthur S. Eddington, Stars and Atoms, 1926.