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starship-design: Re: Why go to the stars?


>>Indeed you'd open frontiers, but the difference with previous
>>frontiers is
>>that this one is sponsored and thus regulated before it starts.
>You are right, of course, and I agree - intellectually. I was probably
>distracted by visions of Phoenicians reaching South America and the Gulf
>of Mexico in the Iron Age, of Vikings reaching North America in the
>Middle Ages (maybe following fleeing Irish Monks) and of Settlers,
>exilees, and Indentured Servants seeting foot on the edge of a new
>Yes, these were only made possible _after_ chartered explorers had
>made the discoveries, usually at the Crowns service.

Ah, now I understand your (and my) point better; As long as people are
sponsored they will not really be able to be free from authority. But as
soon as other less dependant people start coming in, there may indeed be an
explosion of development.

>This _is_, after all, still the first phase: exploration. It does
>require the funding and support (and submission to) a socially powerful

Yes, and since so much effort is involved there may be little room for
people that are truely adventurous.

>> BTW.  Writing this, I started wondering what would happen if people
>> start a mutiny.
>Ask any naval officer. ?Probably the same that would have happened
>before the 1800s: starvation adrift or survivors marooned on some barren
>rock. With discipline and order, and luck and nearby infrastructure,
>maybe - just maybe - they could go "pirate". Does humanity change?

Ah, yes I could have thought of that myself. I guess I was too intrigued
(not inspired ;) by the idea itself.