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Re: starship-design: Why go to the stars?

kyle wrote:

> Greetings all:
> I think I should point out some reasons for why we should go to the
> stars:
> 1) Self Preservation
> 2) To honor the great explorers of the past
> 3) Its our nature to explore
> 4) To boldly go where no man has gone before... (Gene Roddenberry was
> right about that)
> And most of all:
> 5) To learn all that is learnable.
> Does anyone need better reasons? If so, I have none.
> Kyle Mcallister

  For the same reasons medieval Russian peasants fled to the woods?
  (Maybe this falls under .1.)
       -  To get as far away as possible form: the Boyars orders,
foremen and henchmen; from the Csars Tax Collectors and press gangs, and
from the Zealots bonfires.... (and keep whatever honey I find, whatever
furs I trap, enjoy whatever I build, feed on whatever I hunt or raise
and sing whatever I feel like, when I feel like it).
  Sure its optimistic, but its a reason too.
  In other words: to open up frontiers.
  I dont know about you, but earth seems too crowded for my taste, and
more crowded by the minute.

Antonio C Rocha