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RE: starship-design: Go Starwisps

I am about to shoot myself in the foot here...

Personally, I would even volunteer to spend the rest of my life on a survey 
ship just going from star to star, perhaps not ever returning to Earth in 
several human lifetimes. I would even take a one way colony mission if I 
KNEW there was habitable real estate at the other end.

I know, I argued vehmenently against one-way missions and the reader
should try to distinguish my personal preferences from what I believe is 
realistically possible.

Lee Parker

Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium 
and just couldn't put it down?

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> From: KellySt@aol.com
> In a message dated 6/29/97 (Zenon Kulpa) wrote:
> [...]
> >Sorry, I would not risk my life with such only theoretically
> >working technology, even with Kelly giving me his word of honor
> >that it will surely work for the whole round-trip...
> What choice do you have? If the robots take 16-20 years to report back 
> that they made it. By then the ship would be too dated to use.
But at least we will have much more real and reliable data 
to be more sure the improvements will work too.

> Besides.  Just because they made it once.  Doesn't mean you, or they, 
> will make it the next trip.
Of course you are right. But, at least for me, it would be more
convincing that only your word of honor 
(no offense intended - I presume you will give it in good faith).

> [...]
> >Personally, I consider just the colonization to be the ultimate practical
> >reason for space exploration (near-sol or interstellar).
> Colonies are never made and maintained for in the interest in making
> colonies.
So what?
They are made e.g. for reasons of survival...

> >Hence my scenario:
> >- robotis probes (to test adequately the technology and obtain 
> >  necessary data (necessary for further stages, 
> >  not for mere scientific curiosity) that are 
> >  hard to obtain by other means;
> >- one-way, outpost-building missions to selected targets;
> >- if the returns are convincing -- the follow-up colonization missions.
> >
> >If there will be enough people wanting to go there and back again
> >(round-trip enthusiasts), they may go too, why not, provided they find
> >the money (and technology) to build them luxury tourist liners  ;-)
> >
> >-- Zenon
> Now that would be one hell of a grand tour!  ;)  
Boring, with all this years in black space...

> For only 500 million dollars
> you can really get away from it all!
I would rather pay half that (in practice it will cost even less) 
and go one-way instead, sparing the rest of my fortune on
materials and equipment needed for building a nice little cottage
over there...

-- Zenon