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RE: starship-design: Re: Quantum Gravity

Zenon, I would be quite happy if we could simply raise the limit 
of c - you're talking aboout warp drive here though. Not going faster
than c, just "warping" the fabric of space to increase the speed of c.

Lee Parker

Even if so, it will not change the situation
within the world modelled by the cellular automaton -
ticks may become shorter (in the whole computer's frame 
of reference...), but the amount of action
per tick will be still the same (hence c will not change).
The only way to go faster within world's frame of reference
would be to change the topology of cell connections:
i.e., make more cells around any given one be "adjacent"
to it (that is, accessible in a single tick).
But this also will not make FTL possible - 
it will only make the limit speed (c) higher.

-- Zenon