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starship-design: Steve VanDevender

In addition to the message I just posted, I would like to say this:

Steve VanDevender is not trying to be mean to us for speculating; He's
just trying to make sure that we realize, we may not have some of the
more speculative ideas by 2055.  You must be skeptical of sensitive
ideas. Now I believe that we should continue with speculative ideas, and
develop them, even include the more known ones in some designs (Not all
designs.) That is why I am continuing on with my FTL ideas. But just
remember this: Steve is not trying to wreck our ideas, he's helping us. 

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: I'm working on some more calculations on the TC system, and have a
Basic program that can produce a graphic representation of the TC system
if anyone is interested. I also have one with two globes, one Earth
scaled, one TC1 scaled. It gives an idea as to the size of TC1. I will
post the program commands if anyone is interested. Lee Parker: You were
right. That website is pretty neat!