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Re: starship-design: FTL drive designs

Steve VanDevender wrote:
> kyle writes:
>  > Another idea, perhaps the most promising aside from my earlier
>  > design, is forgetting FTL completely.
> Oh, phew, I was hoping you'd get to that eventually :-)
Ah, but if you go on to read the rest of my idea, warping space to make
travel at sublight speed to destinations possible within minutes
ship-time AND earth-time, you'd see that travel to the stars as viewed
by earth time could be just a few minutes. (or hours, or days, or
however fast you wanted to go (up to c)).

And belive me: I can give you a very close estimate as to the size,
internal workings, mass, basic theory, etc. of this. 

Oh by the way, equations. I have equations to back up my claims. Want

Kyle Mcallister