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starship-design: FTL drive designs

In reply to Kelly Starks message:

My other designs are even sketchier, but since you asked, I'll post
them. My first idea involves using magnetic fields to warp or distort
space. While promising (there are groups who have accomplished this on a
small scale) it is as yet unproven in objects with masses of over 10
tons. I could post designs. I am currently constructing a device of this
nature. (An advantage of youth: we don't give up easily.) Another idea,
perhaps the most promising aside from my earlier design, is forgetting
FTL completely. If you have to travel say 280 light years, at light
speed this will take 280 years. But if you have an object that can twist
and distort space into a burrito like shape, you can travel there in a
few minutes, without ever exceeding the speed of light. What can do
this? A black hole. Where do we get one? Hmmmm... We don't. Black holes
are too large anyways. Aha! I have an idea! Make your own! Sort of. But
instead of having a super-dense black hole, just warp space using
super-intense electromagnetic fields and negative energy. A design like
this could be the size of a school bus, and weigh only a few thousand

As to my earlier design, its weight would be about 5000000 tons. Heavy,
but possible.

Kyle Mcallister.

P.S.: This is serious stuff. And the underlying physics is known.