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starship-design: FTL, ZPE n' stuff

In re of Steve VanDevender's letters:

Maybe you dismiss autodynamics. I don't. It has expirimental evidence.
What evidence do you ask? It explains the orbital precession of EVERY
planet, not just one. There are more and more things like this. Research
it for yourself. I know some of you are just hard core relativity
people. I'm not. Newtons theories didn't seem easy to disprove. Then
relativity came along. I ask every scientist: prove that relativity
can't at least have additions. Show me why this is so forbidden. If
Einstein himself had been here he would have easily admitted that we
haven't even begun to see the whole picture. 

Zero-Point energy: Repercussions in the vacuum. I haven't heard of
it,but I assume its prevented when the negative energy falls back into
the vacuum. Anyways what I meant by saying "we've done it before" is
that we, humans, in this universe, have performed ZPE expiriments
before. Some were sucessful in producing over-unity energy. 

As to who and when FTL communication took place: Professor GŁnthe Nimitz
and a group of researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany have
transmitted a microwave signal across a path or 11.4 cm at a measured
velocity of 4.7 TIMES LIGHT SPEED. Argue that if you will. It has been
done, witnessed, and done again. Even here in the US, we sent a signal
at 1.69 times lightspeed. That way done by Dr. Raymond Chiao at the
University of Califonia at Berkely. 

So you see where I have my arguments. FTL travel is quite possible. FTL
communication has been done. We have 58 years to perfect it in. Out of
the question? Think about it. Technology doubles each year. Steve
VanDevender: if you had studied Alcubierre's theory you would have seen
the underlying physics of my drive design. Therefore you see, I was not
"spewing buzzwords". 

			Kyle Mcallister