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Re: starship-design: Zero point energy: Power source

In a message dated 6/12/97 1:20:01 AM, you wrote:

>Addenum to previous post: 
>I stopped to think about the Zero point energy idea, and I've changed my
>I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that zpe might be available
>by 2050.
>after all, look at how far along we've come since 1940! And the
>energy output is simply incredible. I read an estimate of the 
>overall energy density being on the order of 1093 gms/cm^3! That
>could easily be used to power our starship.  I think, although
>many may disagree with me, that it could hold the potential to
>powering a starship to relativistic speeds and, just possibly
>BEYOND c. My starship design that I mentioned a few days ago, will
>probably be considered at best, controversial. But I am an optimist,
>and I think that it is within the scope of possibility. I'll have to
>post more later on. Gotta run. And best of luck!
>				Kyle Mcallister

The problem is we have no idea if zero point energy can be access in any
useful, much less light weight and portable system.  Their are many ultra
tech from mater conversion, inertia/mass distortion, kinetic energy tinkering
that sound plausible (in an iffy sort of way) but are to speculative to
knowledgeably discus.