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starship-design: Fuel supplies and energy


I had an idea for fuel replenishment, as far as hydrogen and other light
Mine comets in the new solar system. If there are none (unlikely), than
use ices
from the surfaces of the moons, or siphon gas from the gas giants. As
far as
boron or lithium, it'll have to be mined. If there were just some way to
have incredible amounts of energy, but require little fuel... Aha! Zero
energy. But I think too advanced. We probably wouldn't have it perfected
the time we needed it. Cruising through space would be so much easier if
were something rigid but flexible to push against. So much for the
hypothesis. I would appreciate any advanced ideas on propulsion that any
you might have. But if they are reactionless drives, I'll take them with
grain of salt.

Atmosphere percentages anyone? I could do them quite easily.
(just takes imagination)

			Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: Ben (bakelaar@injersey.com) I agree to work with you.