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starship-design: Habitat ideas

I'm back.

Here's my idea of what we'll need for a successful habitat:

Residential areas- Perhaps apartment like modules in which the people
can live.
Atmospheric/climatic systems- Air production (if necessary),
heat/cooling, air
filtration, etc.
Communications system- to keep in touch with the rest of the system
(starship, etc.)
Fuel/parts storage
Some simple miner/processor facilities? perhaps on asteroids? (if any)
Power generation system- Hey, you got to have power. fusion? fossil?
Waste management- recycle everything possible!
Food production facility- If you are staying for long, you need food to
avoid pesky starvation.
Medical laboratory- We have to admit it: people WILL get sick and
Dedicated laboratory- To study the surroundings.
Surveilance/Defense platform- I know, sounds harsh, but help is 11.9 ly

Most likely, we'll carry the prefabricated modules/facilities with us,
but we could
dismantle some of the starship temporarily, haul it down piece by piece,
and when done on surface, reattach it to the ship for the return voyage. 

			Kyle R. Mcallister