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starship-design: -Highly Autonomous Systems

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Subject: -Highly Autonomous Systems 
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  OFFICE MEMO                                              Date:  4/1/97

For those with interest in both AI and space, there is a symposium with a HAL
9000 theme next week in Pasadena.  A difference between this meeting and
others this year at Cambridge and Urbana to celebrate HAL's birthyear, is
that JPL and NASA AI technologists actually are working to build intelligent

It is not too late to register.

Highly Autonomous Systems Workshop

In our lifetime, through the eyes of simple robots, grand vistas on other
worlds have been unveiled for the first time. Enigmatic questions compel us
to go further, to touch these distant landscapes and learn the secrets of the
solar system. Yet in trying, we find our reach wanting, limited by the link
to Earth upon which our probes depend. We are learning that to explore
further, these probes must go alone. And to go alone, they must become much
more intelligent.

The Highly Autonomous Systems Workshop celebrates the birth, in both fact and
fiction, of this new generation of explorers. It is our aim to bring together
visionaries and skeptics, practitioners and researchers in artificial
intelligence, scientist, mission designers, spacecraft designers and partners
in aerospace to discuss the important advances in autonomous systems that are
propelling this genesis. In exploration, this technology encounters a true
and natural test of its maturity where there is no quarter for mediocrity,
but where all can freely watch and weigh its performance.

The workshop will be held on April 9 - 10 at the Pasadena Hilton.  Detailed
information is available at the workshop website at 

The topics to be covered are:
    Spacecraft Autonomy: History & Visions
    State of the Art Autonomous Systems
    Autonomy Technology for  2001
    Long Term Challenges in Autonomy
    University Design Competion

Join us to help guide and nurture autonomy's development. Learn about its
enormous potential, both in space and here at home. Share your ideas, and
find a way to participate.

Please pass this message along to your colleagues and other interested

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