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starship-design: LIT site 2

As most of you know.  I've been working up a lot of changes for the LIT
site and uploading them to Daves Workstation for integration and uploading
to SunSITE.  Unfortunatly.  Unfortunatly Daves been to swamped to do more
of the integration, and some parts of the check out can only be done by
him, not by an outsider signing in to his workstation.  (Also frankly I
worry his company will get anoyed with him.)

Anyway I was thinking of starting some stuff on a further upgrades (with
frames, cleaner Maps, odds and ends), and don't want to be interfearing
with what Dave does on his system.  (To many integrators trash the file
config.)  So I've taken Kevin up on his offer to host it on his URLY-Bird


With luck we should have LIT V3 (?) up by spring, and ready for upload to
SunSite (asuming its still there).

So far I've only uploaded some parts of the stuff I uploaded to Daves
system.  but it is integrating a bit easier (give or take) the maps worked
first time, but were touchier about capitalization.

So, what suggestions do people have for the '97 version of the site?  What
else would you like on it.  Hopefully the restructured format of the
version curently on Daves office system is exceptable?

Ben?  Do you still have the Java versions of the conputer center programs?
(delta-v, mass ratio, spec implus, and other math goodies.)  I know I was
worried about compatibility problems with the bulk of the people with pre
Java browsers, but by next spring that shouldn't be as much of a problem.

Dave.  Any thoughs on this?  I know SunSite reconfigured, so your PERL
versions of the Computer center stuff woun't work.  Would Java versions be
more supportable?

Would certain persons working on MARS and Argosey ship designs get their
stuff written up?  ;)


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