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starship-design: Re: LIT site 2

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote about LIT2:

> Would certain persons working on MARS and Argosey ship designs get their
> stuff written up?  ;)

EEEP!  Ooops, sorry about that.  I'll get on it right away.

If anyone wants access to the URLy-bird site, Just E-mail me for the
username/password.  since I can't offer eneryone a different password,
I must know who's got access.  so please, if I give you the password,
don't give it to anyone else, make them come through me.   If you don't 
think you'll be doing that much in the site, then please don't ask for
the password.

Also, I've had a few questions about listserv.  Since Steve's doing
such a good job with the darkwing listsever, I wouldn't dream of 
messing that up.  so my answer is no; no listserv out of urly-bird.