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starship-design: Update to the dev. LIT

Hey folks,
I've uploaded the next draft of the LIT stuff I was working on.  The bannor
gifs have been cleaned up a bit.  The map gif for bouncing around LIT has
larger characters (hope it helps Zenon).  The List of WEB links in the
Library has been sorted out more, and the text colors have been adjusted
for more visibility.

I think I'm about done on the Main LIT page and the entry pages for Marine,
near earth Development, and Solar system Dev (theirs not much content, but
their good entry pages for when we get something to put in there.  The
Librarys not in bad shape, But the Starship Design section needs a bit of
tweeking.  I still havn't gotten a readable copy of Brains Argosey stuff.
If anyone else has, please send it to me for inclusion.  If not I'll try to
get a copy of a UUencode decoder.

Please, delete the Project directory from inside the interstellar
directory.  I moved the contents down into Interstallar, but couldn't
delete the directory and subdirectories.

Library and Marine now have the latest stuff of what I have.  I'll leave it
alone.  If you get stuff to add let me know. (No more coordination foul ups
I hope.)

Did we ever make a decision about who was going to handel Newsletters?  If
no one else was planing to, I'll handel collecting them.

More later when I think of it.


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