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Re: starship-design: ben's questions...

Did you ever check these?


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>LIT page

>Hi Ben,
>here's Rics recomendations. Let me know if you want to check them.



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>>>Any marine or navy web pages you'ld recomend? Zenon and I had a ton of
>>>space relateds. But little wet stuff. Since you and Dave are the only
>>>ones in the group with a formal relationship with the ocean...


>>>From my Flasher page connect to Ron Martini's page or Rod Rodregiez page
>>both these connect to Hundreds of other pages...

>>Visit RD Designs Home Page

Ok, so maby knowing that the Flasher page is at:


would help.


Other two pages are at

You also might like

http://www.millennial.org/~jwills/InfoGuide/ http://www.arcosanti.org/

Happy surfing.

Might hit alta-vista or Yahoo too. Or you might tell me you don't want todo
any of this, and I should buzz off.


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