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Re: starship-design: im saving email!! ;)

>well, about my program, i'll develop it anyway as
>a test, and like kevin said, it'll just be there
>for anyone who wants to get it. i usually end up
>rejecting all ideas for programs that i wont use.
>that way, if no one else wants to use them, hey,
>at least i will! :) 

Ha, ha did you check my little creations near my homepage?

>tim, you mentioned some programming puzzles? as
>long as they don't involve screen mode x or
>windows, im game... 

You can solve this one just inside the memory of the computer, however a
text-output would make it easier for you (and others) to understand though.
The problem is the following game that you probably already have seen
somewhere: "Solitaire" not the card game, but the game where you have pegs
which have to jump over eachother in such a way to minimize the amount of
pegs that are left over.

There are a few forms in which this game comes, a triangle or a cross. I
suggest you try making a computer program that finds one or more solutions
to be left with only one peg:

      O        This is the starting situation:
     O O       All the O's are pegs and the X is the only hole without a peg.
    O O O      Of course the algorithm for a cross would be the same, only
   O O O O     the amount of holes would be larger (causing the calculations
  O O X O O    to take more time)

So far I won't give any clues, unless the problem is not clear yet. I can
tell you that the programme isn't very big (fits easely on two pages).

>does anyone know how hard it is to have your
>own computer hooked up to the inet through
>a web server?

I don't think it is really hard, but I think it is more expensive (at least
the setup). However I too am interested in what it takes to get what you

>kelly, you should check out:
>it has a program, LinkChek, that will tell ya
>what links are broken etc. etc. its not the
>best, but its like the only demo out there,
>except for the up and coming personal agent at

Check out Tucows, "Win software" -> "browser add ons"

Sorry Kelly, again no Macintosh software.