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RE: starship-design: keep old copy.

> From: T.L.G.vanderLinden@student.utwente.nl (Timothy van der Linden)
> >Majordomo will, if I remember correctly, allow you to request a list
> >of currently subscribed members.
> >
> >You send a message with "who starship-design" in the body to
> >majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu
> I think we should turn this option off, just to be save. I've been on other
> mailing lists and usually they don't allow that option anymore because it
> often has been misused (adverticements?)
Do not see a  problem. Majordomo sends the list 
ONLY to the list subscribers, otherwise it refuses.
I have tested it, while fixing my e-mail address problems
on this list...

> Other rules could be to no create havoc or not to flame.
> Usually those rules are in the subscription letter: <copied from freeng-list>
> Rules:
> [...]
Yes, such rules are good, though on our list I see most of them
are observed most of the time (possibly except occassional extensive
quotations of whole letters, long header and sig included...)

> Regarding a newsgroup, why not have two mailing lists, one weekly and one
> continuous list? One could make both lists so that all letter are directly
> published on the web (or with one or two days in delay, to sift out some
> weird stuff if needed).
But then the letter/answer cycle will be still short-term
(on the continuous list - which causes most of the irrelevant chit-chat),
and the weekly on-the-Web "newsletter" in fact can (and will) be used 
rather as an easy accessible archive only.
So, it seems to me we will get disadvantages of both solutions 
and forfeit their advantages...

-- Zenon