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starship-design: Re: Weekly newsletter

David Levine wrote:
> >Sure, but there are a lot of people who cruise Usenet far more than
> >Websites,
> >and there is an easy way to post and reply.  If someone wasn't "getting
> >it",
> >they could be directed to the website and steve's e-mail list.  i think
> >it would
> >be a good adjunct to our website and mailing list.  but not a
> >replacement for
> >it.  And it should have the name
> >alt.interstellar.laser.sail.fry.fry.fry  ;)
> I'm just afraid that it would eventually wind up replacing the mailing
> list,
> BECAUSE of the ease and number of potential users. And I'd worry that
> someone on the list -right now- wouldn't have access eventually, because
> we'd move fully to usenet.

This is the "next-step" argument.  it says we can't do step A because of the bad
conseguences if carried to it's logical next step B.  the answer to this is of 
course not to do step b if it has bad consequences.  

Sorry to be pendantic about it, but starting a usenet group in no way implies 
getting rid of the mailing list.  Yes, we will have to contend with Crossposts, 
Spam and Flames.  So what?  I still think that the benefits of having a usenet 
group outwiegh the hassles of having a usenet group.

Kevin "Tex" Houston 	http://umn.edu/~hous0042/index.html