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starship-design: im saving email!! ;)

well, now that i cant remember what even one
of the 43(!) letters i got today are about,
i will try to say something.

my newsgroup opinion, was, in all essence, mine! :)
really, i guess you guys are right, though, and
that seems to be the general concensus. but i think
it was zenon who said he doesn't like newsgroups,
well, its the same with me.. just too much to sort
through. but MHO doesnt really matter much. a
newsgroup would be great for publicity, i didnt
even think of that.

well, about my program, i'll develop it anyway as
a test, and like kevin said, it'll just be there
for anyone who wants to get it. i usually end up
rejecting all ideas for programs that i wont use.
that way, if no one else wants to use them, hey,
at least i will! :) 

tim, you mentioned some programming puzzles? as
long as they don't involve screen mode x or
windows, im game... 

does anyone know how hard it is to have your
own computer hooked up to the inet through
a web server? i am talking about me buying
a computer and setting up the software and all,
and just letting the web server connect me. 
please don't tell me about how its impossible,
i already know that! :) just if anyone has any
info, especially on operating systems, and the
type of processor and computer to use.. 
(i have been on someone's homepage that was
 hosted on a 486 notebook with a 28.8 modem,
 and it was not THAT slow even, so this is
 why i am asking.) like, should i get a 
motorola processor, a intel, an IBM AIX, 
should i use Unix, or windows, or something
else?  just any knowledge you might have.

kelly, you should check out:
it has a program, LinkChek, that will tell ya
what links are broken etc. etc. its not the
best, but its like the only demo out there,
except for the up and coming personal agent at

btw, what exactly do ya want me to do, kelly,
on those pages you sent me? check the links?
update.. search for more links.. yea, that
was one of the things.. more linx.. im workin
on that one.

uh.. i cant remember anymore. oh...

about davids satellite idea, i think it would
be a good idea to have a central server, but
as someone suggested, give out the password
to us and let us update our own sections...
much less maintenance, and on one server.

you guys are seriously going to publish a book?
(i know, your not sure, just one of those dumb
questions).. well, lemme know if i could
contribute somehow.. one thing i am very good at
is proofing (and even correcting certain times)..
i helped my dad proof and type and edit his share
of a cd-rom project, it was something like 
"famous speeches".. anyway, lemme know. id be
glad to help.