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RE: starship-design: keep old copy.

At 11:12 PM 7/26/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>>Majordomo will, if I remember correctly, allow you to request a list
>>of currently subscribed members.
>>You send a message with "who starship-design" in the body to
>I think we should turn this option off, just to be save. I've been on other
>mailing lists and usually they don't allow that option anymore because it
>often has been misused (adverticements?)

Good point.

>If some of us (the main members) are interested in that list, then Steve
>could easely substract that list and sent it to us.

We could list the member on the web page.  Thats probably to much trouble
for an advertizer to bother with.

>People that write to the list reguarly, will probably use their own name (or
>at least some alias that doesn't change often)
>We could also set up some rules that people have to obey when they are
>writing to the list, one of those rules could be that they would need to use
>their name.
>Other rules could be to no create havoc or not to flame.
>Usually those rules are in the subscription letter: <copied from freeng-list>
>1. Ridicule, debunkery and believer/skeptic flamewars are banned.
>   Let's just say that freenrg-list is a big nasty nest of "true
>   believers" (having maybe a bit of rational skepticism,) and let the
>   skeptics leave in disgust.  The tone should be one of legitimate
>   disagreements and respectful debate.
>2. Heavy on experimentalism.  Or theory-led experiments.  Or theoretical
>   implications of experiments.  This is not a forum for all those
>   controversial physics theories being ignored by mainstream science. Try
>   NEOTECH for this.  But if your theory leads directly to interesting,
>   testable, real-world phenomena, then by all means discuss the experimental
>   possibilites.  If your experiments reveal anomalies not predicted by ANY
>   theory, definitely jump right in and discuss your findings.  Also it's
>   very acceptable to publish theoretical work on a web page and announce its
>   presence here.

I think we could cut this one.  Thou keeping things close to topic would be

>3. Flamewars are banned.  If you believe you've been insulted and wish to
>   respond in kind, don't do it on freenrg-list.  Use private email.  Even
>   better, ask the person if the insult was intentional, since the low-
>   bandwidth of email frequently causes misunderstandings.
>4. Small email files please.  The limit is set to 40K right now, those
>   exceeding the limit will be forwarded to Bill Beaty.  Some
>   members are on limited service, or have to pay for received email.
>   Larger diagrams and graphics can be mailed to me directly and
>   posted on the webpage for viewing.
>5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: when you reply to a message DON'T include the
>   ENTIRE message in your reply.  Always edit it and delete as much as
>   possible.  The entire message should only be included if: (A) you are
>   replying to a message that is several days old, or (B) you are doing
>   a point-by-point reply to many parts of a message.  Several users
>   must pay by the kilobyte for receiving message traffic, and large
>   amounts of redundant messages are expensive and of little use.  So,
>   when including a quoted message in your reply, ALWAYS DELETE SOMETHING.
>6. "Junkmail" email advertizing will not be tolerated.  While not illegal,
>   widecasting of junk email ads to listserv sites is against the
>   Unwritten Rules of the Internet.  Anyone who spams freenrg-list with
>   junkmail will be referred to the Internet Vigilante Justice team.   ;)
>   Occasional on-topic advertizing by regular freenrg-list users is
>   acceptable.
>Regarding a newsgroup, why not have two mailing lists, one weekly and one
>continuous list? One could make both lists so that all letter are directly
>published on the web (or with one or two days in delay, to sift out some
>weird stuff if needed).

Thats true.  I (or whoever maintains the weekly summaries loaded on the web
could handel this easy enough.



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