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starship-design: Re: Archiving LIT...

Ben wrote:
>Actually, I was not considering doing neural-net programming! :)
>The program I plan to make is this: 
>  1) Get all LIT mailings for week in one folder (already done)
>  2) Make a program to:
>     3) Read my Eurdora Light file
>     4) Archive EVERY SINGLE message
>     5) Make a database with index tables and stuff
>     6) Make the program to .ZIP the database when finished,
>        unZIP when starting.
>     7) The program would be searchable, etc. etc.

Eudora can do a search itself, but regardless of that, I think that a
private program would be of little use, people just want a form that is
accessable from the web and uses the data(letters) stored on the web, not on
their own computer.

>Guys, let me know whatcha think about my proposal. I will probably do it
>just for me anyway (#1, as a programming exercise, #2 because it will help
>me keep track of lit) but if you guys say go i will probably have more
>of an incentive to finish quicker. :)

If you want to test your programming skills, I can think of some nice puzzles...