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starship-design: Digest or not?

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Fri Jul 26 20:07:17 1996
> >- time & effort needed to do that (ah, Ben, are you ready?? ;-)
> Just doing the few bits I worked up took me quite a bit of time, and they
> still arn't on the main server.
> >- objectivity: it is easy to make the attempted Status Report
> >  to become a personal view of its author instead of fair
> >  assesment of ideas and arguments appearing in the posts
> >  (sorry, Kelly, I think that this applies to at least half of your
> >   version of the Report :-(
> >
> >-- Zenon
> Oppionions varry.  Alternate opinions that are not written up and submitted
> by their spoaks person, are consigned to cyber space hell. :)
Well, well.
I DID write my alternate opinions in my postings to the list
but you somehow subjectively overlooked them when making the digest...
So who should go to hell, I wonder?  ;-)

Anyway, Kelly or not Kelly, the problem remains.
The problem of time too - I had still no time
to assess and comment on Kelly's Report and prepare
my alternate version (if Kelly would have taken it into account,
is quite another matter... ;-(

Not to speak about that the Report, though quite extensive,
covers may be no more than one-third of the issues discussed before.
Folks, are we going to write a best-selling book on starhips soon?

-- Zenon