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RE: starship-design: keep old copy.

At 9:24 AM 7/26/96, David Levine wrote:
>Majordomo will, if I remember correctly, allow you to request a list
>of currently subscribed members.
>You send a message with "who starship-design" in the body to
>The results I get from this are:
>>>>> who starship-design
>Members of list 'starship-design':
># list of addresses for starship-design

Thats useful for surveys, but hardly for addressing an E-mail, unless I
keep a copy of the list.  (and remember which address is for who.)  For
example I have 101765.2200@compuserve.com in the curent members list, but I
have no idea who they are.  Nor did they answer when I asked people to
check their name in the list.

>BTW, excellent work, Steve.  This is terrific news.

Agreed!  Assuming we don't dismantle LIT.  This would be a big help in
puting automatic subscription to the group into the site.

>Is there any way to get majordomo to archive automatically?
>I know you can get a list of files associated with a group
>by sending a command to majordomo (i.e. "index starship-design")
>and then get those files (i.e. "get starship-design filename.txt")
>but don't know how we get them created....

Does this function store these messages?  I thought it just forwarded them.
If so, you could just subscribe an account for the newsletter, from
whoever winds up maintaining the newsletter site.



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