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The starship-design mailing list has been created

You should have received or will soon receive the information message
for the newly-created starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu mailing list.
Please let me know if you get this message but do not get the
subscription message from the Majordomo list.

As it turned out, the list application process is started by filling out
a web form, which then automatically mails the system administrators on
darkwing (including me) to ask us to add the list aliases to the
/etc/aliases.  So, of course, I added them immediately and got the other
part of the confirmation from Majordomo shortly thereafter.

The mailing list is an open list, meaning anyone can subscribe without
intervention from the list owner (me).  However, posting is closed,
meaning that only members of the list can post to it (wise in these days
of massive email spamming).  It is also configured so that default
replies go to the author of a message and not to the whole list -- most
mail programs let you choose between individual replies (that go to just
the author of the message you are replying to) or replying to all
recipients of the original message (including the list distribution
address).  The latter was simply my personal preference, as I find that
model better since you can choose whether to make a personal or
list-wide reply; the "reply to the whole list" option tends to make it
very difficult to send personal replies to list messages.