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Re: Weekly newsletter

At 10:03 AM 7/25/96 -0500, Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
>>Please help me out here, I'm not sure what both of you (and others) mean
>>with a "weekly digest".
>>- Do you mean you don't want daily letters anymore?
>>- Do you still want daily letters but also a big letter at the week-end
>>  composed of all the smaller letters?
>>- Do you still want daily letters but also at the end of the week some
>>  handy summary/abstract of everything (useful) that has been discussed?
>A summary abstract of the interesting bits in our correspondence would be
>great!!  We cover so much stuff in the various newsletter, we could write
>text books on the subject (assuming we could hire a librarian!).  But its a
>pain to search all that (even just the weeklies), and I doubt we could get
>anyone to spend the time.  If anyone has an Idea on how to do it let me
>know.  What could we do, set up alt.space.starships?

Guys, I would be willing to be your librarian! Seriously, I'm the ONLY
candidate for this, because every one else has jobs. I am great at 
summing up and sorting info, and I could make programs to help me...
Guys, i would LOVE this job! If anyone has objections, tell me..