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Re: Weekly newsletter

At 02:05 PM 7/25/96 +0100, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>>From Kelly
>>>From:  Ben
>>>  I also REALLY like the idea of also getting a
>>>  multi-letter digest weekly. We do cover so 
>>>  much, and even now, I can't remember all that
>>>  we (well, actually, *you*, not me) have 
>>>  talked about in the last 2 days (50 letters!)
>>We really need to get the newsletter system settled out.  And start archiving
>>stuff.  I also think the weekly digest is a great idea!
>Please help me out here, I'm not sure what both of you (and others) mean
>with a "weekly digest".
>- Do you mean you don't want daily letters anymore?
>- Do you still want daily letters but also a big letter at the week-end
>  composed of all the smaller letters?
>- Do you still want daily letters but also at the end of the week some
>  handy summary/abstract of everything (useful) that has been discussed?

I meant that I wanted daily letters AS WELL AS a weekly summary of ALL 
the letters, so summaries.. I don't know how other people feel about it,
but that way whoever wants to can just delete all their mail for the
week and save the one weekly one.. I mean, I already have like 200-300
letters from you guys, but it could be compressed (weekly) into I 
guess 4 or 5 letters. Saves no space, but relieves the clutter. 

Thats IMHO. :)