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Re: I am lost!

Philip Bakelaar wrote:
> OK.. i have several questions.
>   Guys, please tell me that all this knowledge (ya know,
>   the political jokes and all this science stuff) comes
>   with age? I really hope so.

yeah, it's the only positive thing about growing old and ugly.  ;)


>   David, (and Kev, or was it Kelly), who have
>   worked at JSC, is that a good job? It

It Kelly,  I work for another Goverment Agency, Defense Contracting 
Management Command. We're the guys who's job it is to add so many 
extra regulations and such on top of the contractors so they don't 
make too much profit when they sell the US a $400.00 hammer.  :)

>   sounds like a lot of fun, (relatively
>   speaking, of course), and it IS good pay,
>   right?

I wouldn't really say it's good pay, but The benifits are good, and 
as long as the budget is solid, you have a lot of security.  Someone 
in my office said the only way he could be fired is if he was caught 
in bed with the commander's under-aged son.

Kevin "Tex" Houston 	http://umn.edu/~hous0042/index.html

Every time a third party candidate comes up, both major parties say:
"You can't vote for him, you'll just be handing the election to the other guy"
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