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I am lost!

OK.. i have several questions.

  Guys, please tell me that all this knowledge (ya know,
  the political jokes and all this science stuff) comes
  with age? I really hope so.

  Kelly, is there anything I can do to help with the 
  homepage? I can't remember if you actually asked me
  to do anything.

  I am all for the mailing list. As for the AOL idea,
  it would be just as good. AOL always gets bashed, 
  but they really don't have much problems. Still,
  the dedicated server HAS to be better than AOL.

  I also REALLY like the idea of also getting a
  multi-letter digest weekly. We do cover so 
  much, and even now, I can't remember all that
  we (well, actually, *you*, not me) have 
  talked about in the last 2 days (50 letters!)

  Kelly, are you *THE* senior systems engineer
  for Magnavox, or are you *A* senior systems

  David, (and Kev, or was it Kelly), who have
  worked at JSC, is that a good job? It
  sounds like a lot of fun, (relatively
  speaking, of course), and it IS good pay,

Thats all I can think of for now.