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Re: Socialism and others

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Wed Jul 24 19:11:36 1996
> Loved the list!
You are welcome!

> Given the types of Americans that ran over to the former Soviet [er]
> 'client states' <i.e. slaves> to try to convince you of how great the third
> path <i.e. real socialism without the guns.> could be.  I'm suprized you
> don't think the U.S. is filled with loonitics with PhD's!
In fact, exactly pupils of theirs made the anticommunist
revolution in our countries.
The result - Socialdemocracy+Capitalismo and the return
of post-commies to the rule after several years.
Ahh, of course, along the way the "anticommunists" 
got quite rich and powerful...

> Hint:  We do have clever people over hear.  Most get paid a fourtune to
> stay here and say things that are actually usefull!
Do not develop an inferiority complex  ;-)
Here people like me are also a minority,
called "zoological anticommunists", "loonies", and many
other colorful names, hardly possible to translate into English.
Most of us went extinct long ago or fled abroad
(mostly to US, though now Australia is more popular - less socialist...)

> > Note also, that what you Americans call Liberalism
> > is called Socialdemocracy in Europe.
> > It is Socialism pretending to be not,
> > and concealing the socialist doings by
> > very intricate "democratic" (in fact, bureaucratic) procedures.
> Thats more literally true then you might think.  The U.S. had a
> socialist/comunist party in the 20's and thirties that was very popular
> among a lot of elete university and idle rich folks that should have known
> better.  (Same as everywhere.  Arrogent rich and powerfull folks who are
> sure people would all be happy if forced to lived like they wanted them
> to.)  Anyway said com/soc party didn't do very well in elections, and
> became very unpopular during the wars (WW-II and Cold).  But if you look at
> the party platforms in the 20's and 30's.  They were detailing the
> structure of the current welfare state in the U.S.  Effectively they were
> rejected, but their ideas were picked up by the democrates.
Guess I have known that...  :-))

> For some reason they never seem to give the com/socialists credit in their
> speaches.  ;)
Just like here...

Speaking of words ("Liberalism" to (re)name "Socialdemocracy" 
to (re)name "Socialism"), quite a study of Newspeak can be done here
(remember "1984"? - it is more true to reality than you might think...).
There are certain innocent-looking words that in fact
are "negating words". Before, such one was just "socialist":
"socialist democracy" = "no democracy",
"socialist justice" = "no justice", etc. etc.
Now it is simply "social":
"social justice" = "injustice" (note the progress...),
"social market economy" = "capitalismo", etc.

-- Zenon