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RE: minor stuff...

At 9:47 AM 7/23/96, David Levine wrote:
>>Actually, I have been thinking about offering this very service.  I
>>at least two permanently-connected machines I would be able to run such
>>a list from (jcomm.uoregon.edu and hexadecimal.uoregon.edu), and this
>>list is small enough and low enough in traffic that I could even run
>>list manually.
>Definately make things easier.  I guess the main question is how much
>the list grow?  Perhaps this could be a temporary solution until the new
>is up and running, very popular, and a full-blown, multi-hundred-member
>seems like a real possibility?

I was thinking of hosting a mail list newsletter on my AOL account also.
We should decide this soon.  We need to implement something, and I'm
writing these sections.

>P.S. I've been thinking about something for the future of LIT that
>all the various offers.  More on this tomorrow (or maybe later today) as
>try to write down what I've been thinking about.

We wait with anticipations.  ;)



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