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Re: Still Javascript

At 6:40 PM 7/18/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>At 10:25 PM 7/18/96 GMT, Rex & Timothy wrote:
>>Kelly wrote:
>>>I did order one and should be geting it soon, but I will be careful not to
>>>use it for anything I submit to L.I.T.  Since I was interested in adding
>>>the features in your equations to L.I.T. (assuming they work of course).
>>>That would take a non Java version.
>>Of course it works, I tested it myself, there may be a few small bugs in it,
>>but the main thing works.
>>>In a year Java could be a forgotten fad, replaced with the next hot thing.
>>>(Java server?)  In anyevent most browsers, and most users now don't have
>>The next hot thing could only be a better scripting language, I doubt if it
>>would be worth the effort (Java still has some expansion possibilities).
>If anyone actually keeps up with their computer news, they would know that
>all the major companies (encompassing IBM, Microsoft, Apple and/or Macintosh,
>and all the other big names) have a deal with Sun where JavaChips will be
>installed in all new releases starting at a future date. (I can't remember
>what.) Now, even though companies are bound to make mistakes, I don't think
>that the biggest names in computing are going to invest millions in a
>"passing fad". Then again, I could be wrong, but I sincerely doubt that,
>given the evidence on my side. :)
>DOES anyone here keep up with computer news? I mean, I know you guys are
>busy and all, but lemme know if you like want me to tell you or
>anything. I realize most of you use computers every day, but stil..
>its just an offer.

I am a senior computer systems engineer, but since I moved to Indiana most
of my journals have stoped coming regularly.  (Maybe its a sign?)  So yeah
if you have an tidbits pass them on.



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