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Re: Still Javascript

At 5:25 PM 7/18/96, Rex & Timothy wrote:
>Kelly wrote:
>>I did order one and should be geting it soon, but I will be careful not to
>>use it for anything I submit to L.I.T.  Since I was interested in adding
>>the features in your equations to L.I.T. (assuming they work of course).
>>That would take a non Java version.
>Of course it works, I tested it myself, there may be a few small bugs in it,
>but the main thing works.

Such inocence.  ;)  Software always has bugs, and you have been known to
make mistakes Tim.

>>In a year Java could be a forgotten fad, replaced with the next hot thing.
>>(Java server?)  In anyevent most browsers, and most users now don't have
>The next hot thing could only be a better scripting language, I doubt if it
>would be worth the effort (Java still has some expansion possibilities).

People used to say the same thing about DOS, and P.C.s are much more mature
then the web.  At this point nothings so basic about the web that we can be
sure about it.



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