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At 6:19 PM 7/12/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>At 07:09 PM 7/12/96 GMT, Rex & Timothy wrote:
>>Hi Ben,
>>I saw your spacepro.htm page, maybe you should add the formula's with the
>>fill-out form, it makes it easier for people to see what is actually
>Sure. I was actually planning on doing that tonite or tomorrow anyway!

I'm missing something?  I thought we agreed to not use the Java versions
since they weren't usable by the general audience.  Or are these just for
your practice not for the LIT site.

>>I wonder if translations in other languages are useful at all, if someone
>>who only speaks Spanish would comment, I (and probably most other members)
>>would not be able to respond. Besides that, I would like to be able to read
>>"my own" writings. Also I belief that it is long time for people to learn a
>>common language. I don't really mind if that language is English, Polish,
>>French or whatever, it just happens to be that English is the most common

In a way science pretty well has.  If I remember proberly, virtually all
major scientific pubs are translated and reviewed in english.

>Refer to my foreign languages letter.
>>If you are creating parts in different languages, that multiple groups will
>>be created, that have few contacts with each other.
>But I really don't think that would happen. It would just allow foreign
>speaking people to actually read our site, and maybe we would attract
>some real genius from another country! Haven't you guys ever read.. um..
>oh man, I can't remember the name! It might be "Eon", but I don't think
>that's the book I'm talking about anyway. oh well

Ben, do NOT translate my sections of LIT.  I have enough trouble with
people misenterpreting what I say.  I don't want the hassel of people
misinterpreting what others have enterpreted me to say.  This would be
especially frustrating since comments would come to me in languages I
couldn't understabd or respond to.



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