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RE: RE: Java, etc

Of course, just because we make all the basics accessable to everyone
with CGI (or directly linked libraries) doesn't mean we CAN'T do any neat
stuff in Java for those that can view it... it just means we have to
that that ISN'T the baseline system.  Kelly asked earlier who has what
out there.... You'll be surprised to learn (maybe) that out of all the
users out there, a solid majority still use Windows 3.1, not Windows 95.
And may continue to do so for a long time.  Certainly at schools, where
money can be a problem, it will be a while until these people upgrade...
and these are the kind of people we seriously want to reach.  Windows 3.1
is a 16-bit operating system, and even with Win32s can't run anything
like Java, which needs a true multithreading OS.  Of course, IBM is coming
up with some kind of "fix" to simulate multithreading on Microsoft's old
but it may be a while.

However, -most- web browsers currently in use are Netscape 1.x or 2.x.
The highest percentage is 2.x, but a significant number of users are still
on 1.x, which cannot do java, frames, etc.  Also, a large number of users
-are- using other browsers, and we don't want to alienate them.

But, again, it doesn't prevent us from doing cool stuff for those that can
view it.... we just need to make sure that everyone gets a basic access.