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Re: Decadent coke-drinkers

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 20:52:40 1996
> >> A crule streak wants me to tell you what I make at a job so boring I have
> >> time to do all this web work.  (Hint: the soviets didn't call us decadent
> >> capitalists for nothing!)  ;)
> >>
> >Yes, I should know, I was working for two years+ in the States.
> >And taking into account our former quarrels about one-way missions,
> >I am now doubly sure...  ;-)
> >
> >> <Resist resist!>
> >>
> >Yep, that seems your last chance, you rotting coke-drinkers...  ;-)
> Oh don't be pithy, or we'll buy your country and kick you out! 
Heh heh. You possibly do not know, but when Misha the Big Bear 
growled at ours here anticommunist stirrings all those years,
the popular saying was that the best course for Poland
would be to declare war against the US, and surrender the next day...
But why kick us out? With all that credentials??  ;-)

> <Hum?  The
> dutch seem pretty hard up for real estate, and this doesn't have the wet
> basemaent problems!  Oh, TIM!!>
Chernobyl is VERY near, though!

> >> With your credentials here, I could get realy filthy rich!
> >>
> >That's not so easy as it seems (I tried ;-).
> Well we don't show everything to the tourists.  (Says the guy who got Laid
> of fromNASA and baited out to Ft. Wayne Indiana.)
> Seriously thou I ran into another Ex_polish Physisit named Ion <image my
> disbeleafg> 
Ion? Really? There is a Polish first name: Jan 
(pronounced  Yahn - or how you there would try to express
with that yours clumsy spelling anti-rules),
that is John in your parts. But Ion? Never heard that.

> Who was selling cars outside of Washington.
So you see..

> >> <Stop drooling on the keyboard!>
> >>
> >Who, me? The candidate for a one-way mission??  ;-)
> I supose their isn't a lot of jobs for latent Kamakazies.
You bet? 
What about some Jihad or something?

> >Would you have enough vigor,
> >you deteriorated two-way-couch-potatoes?  ;-))
> >
> >-- Zenon the Nasty though Otherwise Quite Amiable
> No but I can hire some muscular weird folks from your area.  
> (Did I mention a grandfather of mine was a Royal Causac gard?
Cossack Guard, I fancy (again, those weird "rules" of yours).

> (I know I misspelled that.)
What a modesty!
You tend to misspell at least half your words.
And who must tell you that - one of these bloody foreigners.   ;-))
I wonder why my eyes did not get crooked already on this list...

> I hear they really don't like Poles.)
Ahh, we gave them quite a bashing some 300 years ago.
Possibly your grandfather remembers that?

> Or
> In cyber space you can't run or hide.  <Sick'em cyber dog!>
> Kelly  <May the hounds of cyber-hell chew on your E-mail>  Starks
And on your urles too...

-- Zenon Who Has No Time for Anything Except Some Witty Chat