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Re: Artemis Project

At 7:59 PM 7/11/96, Zenon Kulpa wrote:
>> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 18:26:08 1996
>> [... on Artemis Project]
>> Nasty.
>> [...]
>> Pity thou.  I'ld like to see someone workout an idea like that.
>Yes, it really seems a pity.
>Frankly, at first reading your remark on them, I was inclined
>to think "ahh, just a NASA/government guy sneering
>at possibly more successfull competition from the private sector..."
>(sorry, Kelly, that may be some fallout from our former quarrels... ;-)).
>However, as you described it, it looks sadly serious.

Yeah I know it sound like sour grapes,but its more than that.  Hell I'ld
like private secor people to out do NASA!  I think NASA's been siting on
its reputation for over 20 years, and has unwittingly (I hope) convinced
people that space is imposible, impractical, and inaccessable for anyone
smaller them a multinational corporation.  Space has been the most stagnent
frountier in centuries, and it doesn't need to be.

>Generally, I would appreciate from you informed guys over the Big Puddle
>some more such "inside information" stories about the places
>pointed to by my space (and other) links (and other interesting places too).

Don't you know the old tradition of watching the tourists falling into the
potholes?  I mean what fun would it be if we warned all you internationals!

>And concerning "someone working out an idea like that" -
>maybe, the Solar System Development Branch of LIT will do?

We can try.  Well ... I do have this idea for mining oil from near earth
objects.  Should be worth a couple hundred billion dollars each.  If
anyones interested?  ;)

>Still with some hope,
>-- Zenon



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