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Artemis Project

> From kgstar@most.fw.hac.com Thu Jul 11 18:26:08 1996
> [... on Artemis Project]
> Nasty.
> [...]
> Pity thou.  I'ld like to see someone workout an idea like that.
Yes, it really seems a pity.
Frankly, at first reading your remark on them, I was inclined
to think "ahh, just a NASA/government guy sneering 
at possibly more successfull competition from the private sector..." 
(sorry, Kelly, that may be some fallout from our former quarrels... ;-)).
However, as you described it, it looks sadly serious.

Generally, I would appreciate from you informed guys over the Big Puddle
some more such "inside information" stories about the places
pointed to by my space (and other) links (and other interesting places too).

And concerning "someone working out an idea like that" -
maybe, the Solar System Development Branch of LIT will do?

Still with some hope,

-- Zenon