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Re: New? LIT site.

> From hous0042@maroon.tc.umn.edu Thu Jul 11 04:50:08 1996
> Zenon Kulpa wrote:
> > Seems interesting to me. At least, this has a chance
> > to be a "professional" site with constant maintenance
> > and little or no problems with the provider...
> Is that a yes, a no, or a maybe?
A maybe, plus some thoughts on possible advantages...

> > > 2) Your monetary help.  Requested only.  no pressure.  no special recognition either
> > >    way.  Judging from the size of the mailing list, I would ask $10.00 from each of
> > >    you to help with start-up costs.
> > >
> > This may scare away some of us, especially these far away...
> I must not have been very clear.  I would not ask for money again.  
> I'm only asking it of those now on the mail-list 
> (If you are reading this, then  I'm asking you) but new 
> members would not be asked.
I meant, sending money from Poland to US to a private person
is really a pain in the neck...

> > > I hope to sell server space for
> > > $2.00/Megabyte/month and to sell ads.
> > >
> > Do you mean ads will be displayed at the LIT pages?
> Ads _could_ be displayed, that is not mandatory.  
> it certainly requires group concensus before hand.  
> I mostly meant that URLY-BIRD.com wold be selling server space and ads.
> > It has its advantages (e.g., possibility for sponsorships)
> > and disadvantages (e.g., labelling the site as "commercial").
> www.urly-bird.com  _will_ be a commercial site.  
> SSD may join that site and display ads or not.
OK, I only asked about ads on LIT pages -
if their dispaly there would be mandatory, or desirable.
I know now it will not be mandatory,
but will it be desirable (useful, better do it or else... ?).

-- Zenon